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Department of Astroshysical Sciences
Peyton Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey 08544-1001, USA
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Takahiro Sumi






(proper motion data)

(atrometry of microlensing)


(SDSS images)
(SDSS.org images)

(QSO candidates in OGLE-II)

MOA discovers most distant planet!! See the TV3 news item here! (NEW!!)Mpeg(22Mb) QuickTime(9Mb)

Extinction corrected photometry of all star (NEW!!)sc1.chi2.0.gz

QSO candidates (NEW!!)QSO

Variable stars list (vi.tar.gz )

CC-lens diff image (Abell2152_W-C-IC_2003-06-02_1_5.diff.fits)

MOA GB Extinction map ( AI_num_ofref_map.tar.gz)

MOA GB Optical depth ApJ in press ( ms.ps.gz 65 pages 30 figures, 711kb)

( sc1-23679.gif file; 30kb)

Galactic bar rotation: Power Point File ( pm.ppt.gz : 1.8Mb)