* Studies on Aerosols and Clouds at Nagoya University

  Aerosol and cloud particles in the atmosphere play crucial roles in climate, meteorological and environmental systems through radiation, precipitation and heterogeneous chemical reaction processes. Nagoya University have achieved many important works in the field of aerosol and cloud science. These atmospheric particles are now multidisciplinary studied by several laboratories in Nagoya University.
 (The details of the studies of these laboratories are found in the following links: Osada Lab., Mochida Lab., Sudo Lab., Kai Lab., Matsumi Lab.)

Shibata Lab.

 Shibata's Lab studies on the aerosol and cloud particles utilizing the data taken by remote observational methods like lidar, balloon borne instruments and satelites.
The followings are the list of research works:  

  • Studies on aerosols and clouds by field observations using lidar and balloon borne instruments  
  • Studies on aerosols and clouds using data taken by satelites(CALIPSO, CloudSAT etc)  
  • Studies on aerosols and cirrus clouds near tropical tropopause  
  • Studies on polar stratospheric clouds  
  • developments of automated lidar