Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research
Division for Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Research
Graduate School of Science, Division of Particle and Astrophysical Science, Space Physics - Experiment (SSE)
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Space Electromagnetic Environment - Space Observation



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Position Full Name account
Professor Masafumi HIRAHARA hirahara (*Center for Orbital and Suborbital Observations)
Professor Kazuo SHIOKAWA shiokawa (Director, Center for International
Collaborative Research)
Associate Professor Yuichi OTSUKA otsuka (* Center for International
Collaborative Research)
Associate Professor Satonori NOZAWA nozawa (* Center for International
Collaborative Research)
Associate Professor Nozomu NISHITANI nisitani (Center for International
Collaborative Research)
Associate Professor  Claudia Martinez-Calderon claudia (Center for International Collaborative Research)
Lecturer Shin-ichiro OYAMA soyama
Assistant Professor Taku NAKAJIMA nakajima (Meteorological and
Atmospheric Research)
Engineer Yuka YAMAMOTO yukay
Engineer Yoshiyuki HAMAGUTI hamaguti
Engineer Tetsuya KAWABATA kawabata
Engineer Takumi ADACHI takumi
Engineer Support Yasuo KATO katoh
Administrative Support Kazuyo NISHIOKA k-nishioka
Administrative Support Naoko KASHIMURA kashimura.naoko
Administrative Support Mai ASAKURA asakura (Center for International Collaborative Research)
Database Support Yasuko FUJII fujii.yasuko (Center for International Collaborative Research)


Position Full Name account
Researcher  Weizheng FU fu.weizheng


Grade Gradualte School/ School Full Name account
D4 Science Hirotaka Koyama koyama.hirotaka
D3 Engineering Li Wei CHEN chen.liwei
D1 Engineering Hirofumi GOTO goto.hirofumi
D1 Engineering Junxian FU
M2 Science Kairi ISHIGURO ishiguro.kairi
M2 Science Sota KATO kato.sota
M2 Science Momoka MATSUOKA matsuoka.momoka
M2 Engineering Taiki KIKUCHI kikuchi.taiki
M2 Engineering Kanta TANIGAWA tanigawa.kanta
M2 Engineering Saki MORITA morita.saki
M2 Engineering Ryusei YOSHIMURA yoshimura.ryusei
M1 Engineering Masaki GOMI gomi.masaki
M1 Engineering Yuto HOTTA hotta.yuto
M1 Engineering Kazui WATANABE watanabe.kazui
M1 Engineering Ryosuke UI ui.ryosuke.d6(at)[THERS]
M1 Engineering Syota Hayamizu hayamizu.shota.t7(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Yuya OTAKE otake.yuya.c4(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Yuto Ito ito.yuto.x3(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Eido TSUCHIDA tsuchida.eido.x6(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Tsubasa NAITO naito.tsubasa.z1(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Kyosei NAKAMURA nakamura.kyosei.v9(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Kensuke NAKAMURA nakamura.kensuke.c4(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Shumpei HASHIZUME hashizume.shumpei.f8(at)[THERS]
B4 Engineering Ryoga HOSODA hosoda.ryoga.s7(at)[THERS]
Research Student Engineering Kharisma ADHIGUNA kharismaadhiguna(at)

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