October 15, 2004


KST UHF operation memorandam for October 15  BY S. Nozawa

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Experiment name: arc1 (normal arc1 with the field-aligned-position:(184.0,77.1, 292.9)


We will make an optical campaign using NIPR cameras and 4-wavelength photometer with EISCAT UHF radar. NI(16)


elan files: arc1.elan

directory: /kst/exp/arc1/arc1

Pulse scheme: arc1

Start time: 19:00 UT on October 15, 2004

End time: 23:00 UT on October 15, 2004

Participants: Satonori Nozawa, Takuo Tsuda and Keigo Okada

   (Dr Hiroshi Miyaoka is operating his instruments at PRE)


Before our experiment: Nothing

After our experiment:  Nothing

VHF is running (tau8) until 23:00

Heating is off


Note: (time in UT)

October 15

      It was a very nice day. A lot of sunshine at daytime. It was rather warm, 5 deg!

      At 18:30, it was clear sky and the ionosphere was relatively active.  We can see

      the aurora in the north.  Great!


19:00 START

      runexp /kst/exp/arc1/arc1 19:00 cp1 NI


      kir runexp /kst/exp/arc1/arc1 19:00 cp1 NI

      sod runexp /kst/exp/arc1/arc1 19:00 cp1 NI

19:00-19:13  Tx got a problem.

19:12  enablerec

19:14  1820 kW

19:18   guisdap –a   (start analysis)

19:34  2023 kW

19:44  Tx power down

19:47  1820

20:03  Tx power down

20:05  1742 kW

20:16  Tx power down

   Beautiful aurora showed up

20:41  Tx power down

20:45  1600 kW  (Tx power lowern)

21:00  Tsys=133 K


23:01  stopexperiment

      kir stopexp

      sod stopexp




Moderate Tx power (about 1300-1500 kW ??). 

Tx was unstable. Good weather.

Geomagnetical activity was relatively high.