November 20, 2003


KST UHF operation memorandam for Novemer 20 BY S. Nozawa

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Experiment name: taul2pl (HFLT5423 with the field-aligned-position:(184.0,77.1, 292.9)

pointgeogr (69.014, 19.116, 292.9)


We will make an optical campaign using high resolution aurora cameras and 4-wavelength photometer with EISCAT UHF radar. Norway will contribute 6 hrs. NI(6), NO(6)


elan files: tau2pl.élan

directory: /kst/exp/tau2pl/tau2pl

Pulse scheme: tau2pl with HFLT5423

Start time: 19:00 UT on November 20, 2003

End time: 23:00 UT on November 20, 2003

Participants: Satonori Nozawa, Kazuhiro Adachi, Yuichiro Tanaka, and Maarten Blixt.

(Prof Miyaoka is at PRE making optical measurements.)


Before our experiment: arc1 (SW)

After our experiment:  Nothing

VHF is running (kst0 lti2nv E2 SP)

Heating is running.


Note: (time in UT)

November 20

      It was cloudy at 17:20. However, I saw aurora at 18:40 !!!

      The sky is now almost clear. Moderate activity.


18:59 START

       runexp /kst/exp/tau2pl/tau2pl 1900 cp1 NI 292.9 HFLT5423

       kir runexp /kst/exp/tau2pl/tau2pl 1900 cp1 NI 292.9

       sod runexp /kst/exp/tau2pl/tau2pl 1900 cp1 NI 292.9

       set local oscillators as follows:  LO2-1 = 128.6, LO2-II = 124.0

19:01  enablerec; kir enablerec; sod eneablerec

19:07  1224 kW

      High electron density at F-region..

20:18 Ne= 3X1012 m-3.  *according system constant calculation for the previous

       CP2 run by Mike, it is about 0.9

23:00  stopexperiment




Moderate Tx power (about 1250 kW). 

Tx is very stable.

Good weather.

Geomagnetical activity was high.