International Symposium PSTEP-4 held

The 4th PSTEP International Symposium (PSTEP-4) “Toward the Solar-Terrestrial Environmental Prediction as Science and Social Infrastructure” was held from January 28 (Tue) to 30 (Thu), 2020 at Sakata Hirata Hall, Faculty of Science, Nagoya University. This symposium is an international research meeting held every year by PSTEP and this time it was held jointed with ISEE, Nagoya University as the 2nd ISEE symposium. More than 100 researchers from Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, India, and Peru participated in this symposium to discuss the synergistic development of basic science and space weather forecasting operation. Refer to the following site for details of the symposium.