New imaging system for solar eruptions is now ready for operation at Hida observatory

The group of Solar storm (A02) has installed a new solar imaging system (Solar Dynamics Doppler Imager; SDDI) on SMART telescope at Hida observatory to observe the motion of filaments eruptions. In contrast to the previous observing system, which was able to observe the velocity of filament eruptions up to 60km/sec, the new system can capture the velocity up to 400km/sec. Soon after (~1week) the installation of the instrument on SMART, we successfully observed a filament activation that moved with a speed of ~200km/sec on May 4th. From now, SDDI will perform regular observation of the sun, and the relation between the motion of filament eruptions and the occurrence of Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) that affect the space environment of the earth will be investigated.



Full disk observations using SMART/SDDI.

-alpha images of B6.9 flare and filament activation observed by SMART/SDDI