The 5th ISEE Symposium
Toward the Future of
Space–Earth Environmental Research

(ISEE, Nagoya University, Japan, November 15–17, 2022)

The symposium will be held in a hybrid format.

This symposium aims to share space–Earth environmental research's present status and prospects through interdisciplinary discussion from various aspects. The symposium covers topics on space–Earth sciences and new approaches to multidisciplinary collaboration, including the discussion also for the capacity building of young scientists. The symposium consists of the following six topical sessions and a panel discussion on the future challenge of space–Earth environmental research.
Session 1: Climate variations in space–Earth environment: paleoclimate, global warming, and space climate
Session 2: Prediction and mitigation of disaster in space–Earth environment: typhoon, torrential rain, space weather disaster prevention, and forecasting technology
Session 3: Next-generation observation of space–Earth environmental research: future planning of satellite missions, aircraft, ground observation, and measurement technology
Session 4: Next-generation computational science in space–Earth environmental research: advanced simulation, integrated modeling, machine learning, and data science
Session 5: International collaborations for space–Earth environmental research from present to future
Session 6: Interdisciplinary fusion in space–Earth environmental research: possibilities and challenges of fusion of Earth science, space science, anthropology, and history

Important Dates

20 July 2022: Open the registration and abstract submission site
15 September 2022: Deadline for abstract submission and early-bird registration
15 October 2022: Deadline for registration


Conference: November 15 (Tue) – 17 (Thu), 2022
* Session 1–6: (about 2 hours for each session)
* Panel Discussion: (about 2 hours)
* ISEE Award Ceremony: (1 hour)
* Poster Session: (2 hours)
More detail will be announced later.

Keynote Speakers

Session 1: Go Iwahana (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Session 2: Mamoru Ishii (NICT)
Session 3: James Crawford (NASA)
Session 4: Hideyuki Hotta (Chiba University), Takeshi Enomoto (Kyoto University)
Session 5: Nat Gopalswamy (NASA)
Session 6: Ilya Usoskin (University of Oulu), Seiji Kadowaki (Nagoya University)

Registration/Abstract Submission

Registration/Abstract Submission site
Registration Fee: Free of charge


This symposium is a hybrid conference with both in-person and online attendance options.

Sakata-Hirata Hall, Nagoya University (Higashiyama campus, Nagoya city)
Campus map is here. Sakata-Hirata Hall is in building D2-❼.
Access to Nagoya University
To be announced



First circular (11 July 2022)

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

Kanya Kusano (Chair of SOC, the director of ISEE)
Yoshiya Kasahara (Kanazawa University)
Yoko Kokubu (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Makoto Koike (The University of Tokyo)
Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Kazumasa Iwai, Fusa Miyake, Tetsuya Hiyama, Kazuo Shiokawa, Nobuhiro Takahashi, Masayo Minami, Hidenori Aiki (ISEE)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Hidenori Aiki (Chair of LOC)
Kazumasa Iwai, Takenori Kato, Satoshi Masuda, Masayo Minami, Fusa Miyake, Tomoo Nagahama, Masahito Nosé, Yuichi Otsuka, Taro Shinoda (ISEE)

Guideline for COVID-19

Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Message to the Nagoya University Community Regarding the Novel Coronavirus

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