Last modified: February 23, 2001
Necessary GUISDAP files to begin with!
.cshrc_include_for_gup An_cp1k.m An_cp2e.m An_cp4b.m An_cp7g.m
GUISPERT.m an_start.m cap2sml.m cp1kk.idef cp1ks.idef
cp1kt.idef cp2kk.idef cp2ks.idef cp2kt.idef cp4bv.idef
cp7gv.idef flops.m ionomodel.m save_results.m store_results.m
write_ascii_cp1k.m write_ascii_cp2e.m

Program files for drawing IS specra figures

  • All_in_package (spectra.tar)

  • config_spectrum_ESR.m and spectrum_ESR.m

  • config_spectrum_KST.m and spectrum_KST.m

  • config_spectrum_KST_remote.m and spectrum_KST_remote.m

    Program files for making summary color figures

    config_vizu.m fromepoch.m gup_bits.m hmaxis.m load_param.m
    my_colorbar.m start_GUP.m startup.m toepoch.m vizu.m

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