The 2nd PSTEP International Symposium (PSTEP-2)

“Toward the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction as Science and Social Infrastructure”

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 2nd PSTEP International Symposium (PSTEP-2) will be held at Kyoto University from 23 to 24 March, 2017.

PSTEP-2 is the international symposium organized by the Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction (PSTEP), which is a multi-institute project supported by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas from MEXT/Japan. This symposium will provide valuable opportunities to discuss the current status and future prospect of solar-terrestrial environment prediction as well as to foster the international joint research of the space weather and space climate studies. This symposium addresses mainly the prediction of solar storm and solar cycle and its influences on global environment. Also the economic impacts of space weather disaster and geo-space disturbances are included in the scope of the symposium. The program consists of keynote and invited presentations, contributed presentations, and open discussions. We are looking forward to your participation in PSTEP-2 and welcoming you to the beautiful city Kyoto in March.

Date: 23 to 24 March, 2017

Venue: Science Seminar House, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University.
Organizer/Host: Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction (PSTEP)

– Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University
– Kwasan and Hida Observatories, Kyoto University
– Integrated Earth and Planetary Science Hub, Kyoto University

Keynote lectures (tentative tile):
– Quantifying the economic impact of extreme space weather, Edward Ougton, Centre for Risk Studies, University of Cambridge
– Understanding the mechanism of solar eruptions, Bernhard Kliem, Institute of Physics & Astronomy, University of Potsdam
– Exploration of energization and radiation in geospace “ARASE” (ERG) mission, Yoshizumi Miyosi, ISEE, Nagoya University – Influence of the 11-year solar cycle on climate, Lesley Gray, Department of Physics, University of Oxford

Invited Speakers: – Mike Wheatland, The University of Sydney
– Bernard V. Jackson, UCSD – Sung-Hong Park, The University of Dublin
– Bernd Funke, Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, CSIC – Daniel Marsh, NCAR – Yvan Orsolini, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Registration and Abstract Submission:
The online registration and abstract submission for PSTEP-2 are available from January 16, 2017 to February 17, 2017 at
Science organizing committee:
Kanya Kusano, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Shigeo Yoden, Mamoru Ishii, Yoshizumi Miyoshi
Local organizing committee: Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Shigeo Yoden, Ayumi Asai, Takako Ishii
– phone: +81-52-747-6333 (PSTEP Secretariat, ISEE, Nagoya University)
Prior symposium: – PSTEP-1