Memorandum of Understanding between ISEE and SCOSTEP

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The Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University, and the Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) have exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on January 8, 2021. This MoU is to define the conditions under which the ISEE will contribute to the SCOSTEP by supporting to publish SCOSTEP’s newsletters and to organize SCOSTEP’s online seminars and capacity building lectures. ISEE has already supported editing and publishing SCOSTEP’s CAWSES-II/TG4 newsletters (2010-2013), VarSITI newsletters (2014-2019) and SCOSTEP/PRESTO newsletters (2019-). ISEE has also supported hosting SCOSTEP/PRESTO online seminars since 2020 and will support hosting SCOSTEP online capacity-building lectures from 2021. The MoU authorizes the conditions of these various supports from ISEE to SCOSTEP. The SCOSTEP President (Professor Kazuo Shiokawa) and the director of ISEE (Professor Kanya Kusano) signed the MoU form on January 8, 2021, and the MoU has become effective since then.

Professor Kanya Kusano, the director of ISEE, Nagoya University, (left) and Professor Kazuo Shiokawa, the SCOSTEP President (right) with the signed MoU.

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