• Solar–terrestrial system as research subjects of the Division for Integrated Studies
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    The Solar Activity in the Dalton Minimum Revealed from Historical Documents in the Austrian Monasteries.

    Hisashi Hayakawa (designated assistant professor), Shoma Uneme, and Shinsuke Imada (ex-lecturer) of the Division for Integrated Studies have conducted an international collaboration to analyse Stephan Prantner's sunspot records preserved in Wilten Monastery (Austria) and construct the solar activity in the mid Dalton Minimum in terms of the sunspot group number and sunspot positions.

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    "Mystery of rotation" in the Sun was solved with supercomputer Fugaku

    Associate Prof. Hideyuki Hotta (Graduate School of Science, Chiba University) and Prof. Kanya Kusano (the director of ISEE, Nagoya University) successfully reproduced the thermal convection and the magnetic field in the solar interior by the ultra-high resolution calculation using the supercomputer Fugaku. It is the result of solving the "mystery of rotation" in the sun that the equator rotates faster than the polar region, and a major step toward elucidating the mechanism of the solar cycle (11-year cycle). (published by Nature Astronomy, 13 Sep. 2021)

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    Relations between the Antarctic primary productivity and sea-ice changes with the subdecadal-scale climate variability during the last 11,400 years