The 2nd ISEE Award Ceremony and Commemorative Lecture Held


The 2nd ISEE Award Ceremony and Commemorative Lecture were held at Sakata and Hirata Hall, Nagoya University on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

Aiming to develop space-earth environmental research, promoting interdisciplinary research, and exploring the new discipline of space-earth environmental research, the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE) is presenting an ISEE Award to a prominent research activity that is based on the ISEE Joint Research Program.

The 2nd ISEE Award Winner is UCSD IPS group(Dr. B. V. Jackson, Dr. H.S. Yu, Dr. P. P. Hick, Dr. A. Buffington, Dr. D. Odstrcil), who contributes to space-earth environmental research through the studies on the improvement of space weather forecasting by the computer-assisted tomography of interplanetary scintillation data. On behalf of the research group, Dr. B. V. Jackson received an award certificate and commemorative gift (a trophy).
After the award ceremony, a commemorative lecture was held by Dr. B. V. Jackson. More than 100 participants participated and made an active discussion with the award winner.