ISEE Database for Nonlinear Force-Free Field of Solar Active Regions


The Hinode Science Center in the Center for Integrated Data Science, ISEE has released the non-linear force-free magnetic field database (ISEE NLFFF Database, doi: 10.34515 / DATA.HSC-00000) for the solar active regions. This is numerical data of the three-dimensional non-linear force-free magnetic field (NLFFF) extrapolated from the solar surface magnetic field data observed by the NASA/SDO satellite. They were calculated by Kusano et al. (2020, Science), and include more than 2000 3D data for more than 200 major solar active regions in the solar cycle 24. Data download scripts, reading software (IDL, Python, Fortran), and brief instructions for 3D data analysis with ParaView are also available. Please refer to
for more information.