Cosmic-ray Research Division
Institute for Space–Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University

Admission Guide

Admission for International Students

We CR Lab is running a variety of international research collaborations for a wide range of interdisciplinary research topics in particle physics, astrophysics, and solar-terrestrial physics. Detail can be at the research page.

CR lab had the experience to involve a few international graduate students continuously in recent 10 years. Based on this experience to accommodate international students, CR Lab welcome application from international students elsewhere.

Japanese graduate program is 5 years divided into two rounds; 2 years of 1st term for writing master thesis followed by 3 years of 2nd term for writing Ph.D. thesis. Students can be enrolled in the 1st term or the 2nd term with a certain certificate of graduation. Here is an admission guide for those who are interested in our lab to enroll in the Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University.

Admission / International Graduate Program “Global 30 (G30)”

Nagoya University has a dedicated program “Global 30” for international students who wish to start their courses every Autumn. Please refer the G30 program page for details.

There are two application windows every year. The 1st round is open typically during the first half of January, and the second round is open typically during the middle of May with the rolling admission system. For more detail, please refer to the latest information for the G30 admission or contact us directly.

In addition, for those who like to start every April, the standard admission program as same for domestic students can be also available. There are two rounds of admission in the standard program, of which application windows are typically in July or August. The admission guide dedicated mainly for domestic Japanese speakers is shown here.

More various admission programs in Nagoya University

Nagoya-Edinburgh Joint Degree Program

The Graduate School of Science of Nagoya University has a joint-PhD program with the University of Edinburgh since 2016. So far the CR group accommodated one Edinburgh student who was successfully awarded Joint-PhD with this program. Please contact us for more detail.

Short-term exchange program NUPACE

Nagoya University offers a short-term exchange program called the Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE). The CR group has accommodated three international graduate students for 3 to 6 months with this program.

Internship opportunity for undergraduate students

The CR group has an opportunity to accept a few international undergraduate students for their internship. For detail, please contact us.

More Information for International Students

Scholarship and financial support

There are several opportunities for a scholarship available for international students. In addition, Ph.D. students can apply for Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant to get financial support. A tuition waiver program is available. Please see for details.


There is an opportunity to use the university accommodation for international students temporarily for the first year. After one year of stay, the students are requested to leave the university accommodation and to find their accommodation outside the campus.