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Prof. Fumio Abe and Yuichiro Asakura awarded PASJ Excellent Paper Award

Visiting Assoc. Prof. Fumio Abe and Mr. Yuichiro Asakura, an alumni of the CR group, were awarded the PASJ Excellent Paper Award 2019. They contributed to a study of the relation between a gravitational wave event GW170817, a neutron-star–neutron-star merger, and nucleosynthesis in the merger by electromagnetic observations with the the MOA II Telescope.

“Kilonova from post-merger ejecta as an optical and near-Infrared counterpart of GW170817”
Masaomi Tanaka, et al.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan (2017) 69 (6): 102

The Cosmic-ray Research Division has been conducting electromagnetic counterpart observations of gravitational-wave events by using the MOA II Telescope in New Zealand. The relation between a neutron-star–neutron-star merger event, GW170717 detected by LIGO and Virgo, and the nucleosynthesis process in the merger was studied in the paper, in which the MOA telescope contributed to the counterpart observation part.

Prof. Abe was formerly an associate professor in our group and Mr. Asakura graduated our group in 2017. Congratulations!