西野真木特任講師がEPS Excellent Paper Award 2017を受賞


電磁気圏研究部の西野真木特任講師が共著者として参加している学術論文Saito et al. (2012) “Simultaneous observation of the electron acceleration and ion deceleration over lunar magnetic anomalies”が、EPS Excellent Paper Award 2017を受賞しました。月周回衛星「かぐや」の粒子・磁場観測によって、太陽風と月の磁気異常の相互作用を明らかにしたものです。


【EPSのウェブサイトでの授賞理由説明】To understand the interaction between solar wind and lunar magnetic anomalies, low energy electrons and ions over lunar magnetic anomalies were simultaneously observed for the first time by the “Kaguya” satellite. This paper discusses the plasma structure over the mini-magnetosphere. The observations clearly showed acceleration of electrons and deceleration of ions and suggested the existence of a non-adiabatic dissipative interaction between solar wind ions and lunar magnetic anomalies. Since the interaction between solar wind and lunar magnetic anomalies occurs on the smallest scale of its kind, it contributes to the understanding of the interaction between solar wind and magnetized airless bodies in space. This is one of the most significant achievements of the Japanese spacecraft mission “Kaguya”. These observations have been cited by many studies dealing with solar wind-lunar magnetic anomalies interactions.