2023年度名古屋大学宇宙地球環境研究所共同利用集会 インド洋/太平洋域における海洋循環/環境応用に関する研究集会 Approaches for Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Environmental Studies in Asia-Oceania


Time and date: Dec. 17 (Sun, 9:25–17:40 JST), 2023

Event format: online-onsite hybrid

online ビデオ会議でご参加に興味がある方は、アドレスをお伝えしますのでコンビーナーにメールで問い合わせください。
onsite 名古屋大学東山キャンパス
Neorex-Place Seminar Room, Science South Building 1F(D2-7 理学南館1階ネオレックス プレイスセミナールーム

コンビーナー:尾形 友道(JAMSTEC)・堀井 孝憲(JAMSTEC)・升本 順夫(東京大学)・相木 秀則(名古屋大学)

Chairs: Yukio Masumoto (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan) and Hidenori Aiki (ISEE)

9:25–9:30 Yukio Masumoto (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan) Session Opening

9:30–10:00 Shoichiro Kido (JAMSTEC, Japan) 17AM-N01
Skillful multiyear prediction of Kuroshio Extension jet and related oceanic variability

10:00–10:30 Takuro Matsuta (Hokkaido Univ., Japan) 17AM-N02
Kuroshio water intrusion into the subarctic region in the western North Pacific Ocean

Break (10:30–10:50)

10:50–11:20 Yusuke Terada (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan) 17AM-N03
Interannual variation of the intraseasonal variability at 1000m depth in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean

11:20–11:50 Tomomichi Ogata (JAMSTEC, Japan) 17AM-N04
Simulated air-sea variability & its impact on ecosystem in CFES/OFES

11:50–13:30 Lunch

Chairs: Tomomichi Ogata and Takanori Horii (JAMSTEC)

13:30–14:00 [Invited] A’an Johan Wahyudi (National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia) 17PM-N01 ONLINE
Quantifying terrestrial dissolved organic carbon in a tropical shelf sea using hydrogen isotope ratios

14:00–14:30 [Invited] Atsuko Yamazaki (Nagoya Univ., Japan) 17PM-N02
Coral skeletons: high-resolution environmental archive of low-latitude ocean

14:30–15:00 Hanani Adiwira (Tohoku Univ., Japan) 17PM-N03
Influence of the Indian Ocean subtropical mode water on the ocean vertical structure in the western Indian Ocean

15:00–15:20 Break

15:20–15:50 Takahiro Kusumi (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan) 17PM-N04
Ocean processes contributing to generate distributions of the sea surface temperature anomaly over the Arabian Sea in boreal summer

15:50–16:20 Takanori Horii (JAMSTEC, Japan) 17PM-N05
Mixed layer variability in the Indonesian throughflow (ITF) exit region of the south-eastern Indian Ocean

16:20–16:40 Borui Wu (Nagoya Univ., Japan) 17PM-N06
Anticyclonic and cyclonic circulations of wave energy in the western and eastern tropical-subtropical Pacific Ocean: a Reevaluation of the zonal interactions

16:40–17:40 Poster Session

Amirotul Bahiyah (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Massive SST-front anomaly in the tip of Sumatra waters triggered by extreme positive IOD 2019 event

Travis Prochko (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Mixed layer depth variability and submesoscale restratification in the Kuroshio Extension modulate STMW seasonal formation and volume

Takeshi Anami (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Decadal variability of the Pacific Subtropical Cells reproduced in a high-resolution OGCM

Ardiansyah D. Puryajati (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Morphology approach to marine heatwaves around Indonesia Seas